Greetings and welcome to the website of composer Dave Volpe. Located in Los Angeles, Dave is true believer in music as a collaborative art. Of particular interest is the relationship between music and image, whether it be on film or using instruments in the concert hall to paint pictures and tell stories. Few things are more exciting than working with musicians and directors to explore this relationship and bring our art to new levels.

Dave has been very fortunate to have a rich and unique journey filled with amazing people and experiences that continue to mold him and the way he views music. Some of the most significant events have included a month-long trip to Paris with the EAMA program in 2006, participation in the ASCAP/NYU Buddy Baker Film Scoring Workshop in 2007, and attending the Film Scoring Program at the 2008 Aspen Music Festival. Most recently he acquired a year-long mentorship with film composer and personal hero Thomas Newman via his enrollment in the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program at USC. His interaction with Mr. Newman combined with the people met and teachings acquired through USC have made this past year some of the most exciting and enlightening times of his life.

In addition to being a composer, Dave is a classically trained pianist, a professional music engraver, a perpetual choir nerd, and an avid cook/baker. Please use the links to the left to listen to music, watch clips, and read more about Dave’s continuing journey!

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